I work with individuals who have achieved success in many areas of their lives, yet struggle with chronic health issues that cause great levels of stress. For over a decade, I have helped people who have health challenges like headaches, back and neck pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease. Often, these uncomfortable physical sensations lead to anxiety. And then the anxiety leads to an increase in physical symptoms. Which then leads to even greater levels of anxiety. I can help you interrupt this cycle, leading to you enjoying increased quality of life both personally and professionally.

Using interventions like mindfulness, relaxation, behavior modification, thought substitution and education about the science of pain, I can help you decrease your symptoms and better care for yourself when symptoms do arise. I can also help you better communicate with colleagues, loved ones and medical providers about your health.

If you have felt alone with your chronic health problems, and scared about how they may impact your future, I offer a structured and compassionate approach to increasing your ability to care for yourself and decrease your anxiety and physical discomfort. Please reach out if any of this resonates with you. You do not have to figure this out alone.

There are robust, evidence-based cognitive behavioral (CBT) interventions for chronic health issues that I look forward to sharing with you. It is also important to understand the pros and cons of old coping strategies, like ignoring pain. Once you learn how to make your body your friend and not your enemy, you will have the necessary tools and skills to meet your life's goals with more ease.

Coping with IBD: Dr. Bayla Travis interviewed by Brittany Roman-Green, Nutritionist/Dietitian.

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