I specialize in brief (6-24 weeks) psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups with chronic pain, Crohn's Disease, Colitis, and other health-related challenges . I currently see patients who reside anywhere in California via telehealth. I am not providing in-person care at this time.

In our work together we will focus on goals that generally fall into two categories: meeting responsibilities and increasing self-care. This process involves setting achievable short-term goals, while keeping long-term goals in sight. Clients typically see progress within 6 weeks.

New research on the gut-brain-axis is helping us understand the mind/body relationship that underlies mental health. I have particular expertise in treating people with gastrological illness and serve on the medical advisory committee of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA). An important aspect of my work with CCFA is presenting at the Family and Caregivers Symposium. Past presentations have included such topics as: “Finding the Right Coping Skills for Managing Stress with IBD,” “How to Talk to your Doctor,” “Tired of Being Tired: Managing Fatigue and Sleep with IBD,” “Pain Management and Stress,” “Integrative Medicine for IBD” and “Depression, Anxiety and IBD.”

My approach is nurturing yet structured. I regard obstacles to progress as information about how we should tailor your treatment moving forward. I deeply appreciate the healing power of humor and playfulness, and I believe this work can be joyful.

I believe there are many path to wellness. I have extensive experience in hospitals and working collaboratively with medical providers. When indicated, I provide on location exposure therapy for anxiety conditions. I also support non-Western, integrative approaches to healing.

Coping with IBD: Dr. Bayla Travis interviewed by Brittany Roman-Green, Nutritionist/Dietitian.

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